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My art is about my story … My story is about all the stuff that happens when you’re abused … About all the ways you have to cope. It’s about dissociation – the slipping out of your body in an attempt to minimise the pain and watch yourself from above. If you would like to […]


It’s about what it’s like to mentally leave yourself and create other worlds to hide in. It’s about what it’s like to seek justice and fail. It’s about the abusers words come true–“No one will believe you”. It’s about how it is to live in two worlds–where your carers abuse you and then act normal […]

THOUGHTS: Inquiries …

WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE JIMMY SAVILLE STORY CAME TO LIGHT … After Jimmy Saville’s mass abuse came was revealed, people started to believe what has happened to many children in this country. So now it’s official: child abuse happens. They believe us, and now there is a government funded inquiry to look at the many institutions and […]