Blue Ribbons of Support

I have these ribbons at my exhibitions, on which people can write messages as a sign of support for survivors and victims of abuse. Offering words of public validation and a social response that we are not alone, we have nothing to be ashamed of and we are not worthless. Here are a few things […]

Going Inside My Battenberg Cake

In order to forget the abuse, I created another world into which I could put my mind whilst my body was being abused. A door opened in my head. The cartoon girl is floating and disappearing in a tower made from Battenberg cake. This well known technique is called ‘Dissociation’ and it has been used by survivors […]

The Forgotten One

A  sculpture of small girl child lies on an adult sized mattress on the floor. She is innocent, vulnerable and alone. MY BONES DON’T KNOW THEIR USE  My bones don’t know there use you have designed it this way to take us past the point of caring Caring for ourselves I abandon myself to you […]

Alphabet Un-formed

O A pile of letters shows the alphabet unformed, some are half formed words. The words are separate from the body, showing that slowly,  the words came- whole words I found years on.   Dr David Lasak, who studies the neurobiology of trauma, explains how during trauma, the experiences are encoded in non-verbal pathways of […]


A group of survivors of a peadophile ring that is forgotten, who are bound together not as individuals but as one identity. They represent a powerlessness and a state of invisibility that comes from the the impact of abuse and the experience of being disbelieved and blamed.